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Plywood is made of wood veneers and phenolic resins. The structure is multiple layers of core veneers and two layers of face veneers or phenolic film.

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In the world, there are mainly two kinds of plywood, which is veneered plywood and film faced plywood. There are a lot of factories in China. They have been running since the year of 1995 and now they are growing very fast. The capacity of manufacturers is huge. Now the Chinese plywood industry can produce 50 million cubic meters plywood every year.

The weather and climate in north China is perfect for the production of plywood. You can see that most of the plywood supplier in China is in the north part of the country. Its sunshine is good for the drying of poplar veneers. And the hardwood veneer peeling facilities are also in this area. Chemicals are available for making resins and bond. All these conditions make Shandong a good place for making wood-based panels, including plywood, OSB, particleboard, chipboard, blockboard.

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hardwood plywood from China

Plywood Types

Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood is plywood manufactured for formwork uses. It plays as a support for concrete in the construction. Both sides of the panel has a phenolic coated overlay.

Veneered Plywood

Chinese plywood are usually softwood plywood with hardwood veneers on boths sides. The core quality varies depending on the quality standard. Among them, the marine plywood has the best and perfect core. No voids can be found in marine plywood core.